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Edible Book Contest

Whether you like Twilight or not, you have to say, this is pretty fantastic.

Apparently there’s an “Edible Book Contest” and this was the submission made by “Pikko” over at Adventures in Bento Making.


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The New York Times: 10 Notable Books of 2009

If you’re looking for something good to read, The New York Times has posted their list of 10 Notable Books of 2009.

Here are some more lists that might help you:

The New York Times Best Sellers 2009 (all categories)

The New York Times Notable Children’s Books – 2009

Good Reads – Best Books of 2009 – Best of 2009

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Nanowrimo time, everybody!

nano_09_red_participant_100x100_1Just a couple more days before the “30 days and nights of literary abandon” :)

I’m in. Who’s with me?


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Google Books Game

Google Books logo

Google is hosting a game. Answer a few trivia questions each day by searching Google Books for the information you need, (it’s easy and actually really fun), and answer a short essay question for a chance to win a Sony Reader. (US only)

Also, the first 20,000 people to play the game will get a  Google Books laptop sticker.

Check it out: 10 Days in Google Books Game

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Awful Library Books

I discovered this hilarious blog just today when it was featured on WordPress.

Awful Library Books is a pretty self explanatory blog title but here is what the blog writers say about their site:

This site is a collection of public library holdings that we find amusing and maybe questionable for public libraries trying to maintain a current and relevant collection.  Contained in this site are actual library holdings.  No libraries are specifically mentioned to protect our submitters who might disagree with a particular collection policy.  (A good librarian would probably be able to track down the holding libraries without too much trouble anyway…)

Your “awful” librarians for this site are Mary and Holly.  We are public librarians in a medium sized public library in Michigan and the opinions expressed are totally our own. We do tend to articulate our particular library’s collection objectives when making comments.  Our criteria for inclusion of titles are simply anything that amuses us.  None of the books presented are particularly awful (okay, maybe some are).  These books are just odd, outdated or maybe should be reconsidered under a current interpretation of collection policies. In no way should the opinions of Mary and Holly be interpreted as a standard for every library.  We just want to have a few chuckles and talk about library collections.

Comments are welcome, but we do ask everyone to “be nice” and use your library voice.
We would love submissions.  Feel free to email us any scans of covers:

They take submissions! I think I just found a new hobby.

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Forgotten Bookmarks

Have you ever bought a used book and found an unusual bookmark from the previous owner? An old recipe? A photograph? A receipt?

Well, the person who runs the blog often comes across these as they buy used and rare books for a living – and they’re nice enough to share their finds. Check it out!

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American Bee

American Bee: The National Spelling Bee and The Culture of Word Nerds by James Maguire has a somewhat self explanatory title.

American Bee gives a unique look into the lives of the boys and girls who make it to the National Bee. Their cultures, races, relgions and backgrounds vary widely but their love for language and spelling bonds them to one another.

Maguire incorporates the vocabulary he inevitably acquired documenting the event in this book which makes reading it gratifying for fellow logophiles. (Word lovers!)

In other news for word nerds, each year new words are added to the dictionary. This year, 2005, was no exception. Please officially welcome to the English language the following words/phrases:

geek chic
water birth

Unsure of some of those yourself? Look them up at, where they also have a list of the words which were looked up most often in 2005.
After you spend some time studying, see if you could hack it at the Spelling Bee by taking the National Spelling Bee Quiz at


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