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The Nighttime Novelist

The Nighttime Novelist – Finish Your Novel in Your Spare Time by Joseph Bates, is not just for people who feel they don’t have time to write that book they’re always saying they’re going to write.

While Nighttime Novelist has especially good advice and inspiration for those who work full time, it is an equally valuable read for any writer.

When asked which books one should read to learn how to go about writing a novel, there are two I immediately name:

#1. The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., and E. B. White
#2. On Writing by Stephen King

Now I would add this book as #3 to my list. While Elements of Style is necessary for the basics, and Stephen King is necessary for inspiration, The Nighttime Novelist would be the actual blue prints of how to get your story down on paper.

Don’t expect this to be a boring instructional read though. Joseph Bates uses humor throughout the well-organized manual, along with a very friendly tone and relatable examples from pop culture.

If you’re one of those people who says, “I want to write a book some day,” but have yet to put a single word on paper – Get this book and turn “some day” into tonight.



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