Top Baby Names for 2009 courtesy of Twilight craze

The top girl’s baby name for 2009 is “Isabella”, because of the character “Bella” from the Twilight book series.

The top boy’s name for 2009 was “Jacob”, (another Twilight character), and “Cullen” (the surname of Twilight vampire, Edward Cullen), also saw a major surge.




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7 responses to “Top Baby Names for 2009 courtesy of Twilight craze

  1. I <3 Twilight… but I don't think my children will be named Eddie, Jacob, or Bella any time soon lol!

    • Tee

      LOL – I think it’s cool to give literary names to children, but I think the characters should be chosen with some thought. There are many books I love, but there are few characters worthy of naming a child after!

  2. blech. I hate people who jump on name bandwagons. In 1o years, every classroom is going to be full of twilight names–just like every boy in my classes growing up were named Heather, Michelle, or Lindsey, or Michael, Chris, or Scott.

    C’mon people–be original, but make sure that you give your child a strong name that will take them far in life.

    • Tee

      I actually had “Isabella” at the top of my list for baby girls when I was pregnant but I had boys. (This was way before Twilight and Isabella wasn’t as popular at all.) … I’m breathing a sigh of relief now! :) … It’s such a pretty name but having the same name as a bunch of classmates is no fun. Then you end up being Isabella R. and Isabella F. etc.

  3. I much prefer Atticus and Scout.

    • Tee

      Hey Travis! I’ll have to visit your blog. Haven’t “seen” you in forever… Agreed on the names Atticus and Scout. Those have some real substance behind them.

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