Liselle and the Birch Prince

Book title/author: Liselle and the Birch Prince by Bryan P. Hunt/Illustrated by Tanya Lam

About the book:

It’s been called nature-deficit disorder: the disturbing reality that today’s over-protected, technology-addicted children are almost completely disconnected from nature. The phenomenon has been linked not only to childhood obesity and psychological imbalances, but also to the steady destruction of the environment—and some say it points to the eventual breakdown of society itself. For author Bryan P. Hunt, recognizing this dilemma was one of the main motivators behind the writing of his second children’s book, Liselle and the Birch Prince, a magical modern fairytale that weaves together subtle lessons on bravery, selflessness, and the eternal power of love against the enchanting backdrop of nature’s untarnished beauty.

My Review:

I sat down this evening and read this book to my youngest son, who is 8 years old. We don’t often read fairy tales anymore. We’ve read many of the classics, (most recently Alice and Wonderland), but this book is unique – not what we usually find at the library. The language was accessible to his age group while not being condescendingly simple in the least. The writing itself was good quality and he enjoyed the illustrations, (which looked to be watercolors.) His only complaint was when I finished the book he asked, “What happens next?” – This was partly a desire for the narrative to continue because it was good, and partly a comment on how abruptly the author ended the story. The ending is somewhat unsatisfactory and not exactly the “happily ever after” one expects, but my son wants to know when the rest of it will be written, so he did enjoy it. Perhaps the author will consider making it a series.



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2 responses to “Liselle and the Birch Prince

  1. Tamara Lacelle

    Have you heard the song?
    ‘The Birch’s Lament’ is the story of Liselle and her prince put to music.
    The prince continues to rule, longing for his lost love, and wishing for her always. Enchanted and heartfelt lyrics, blend with a Haunting and inspired tune, to bring the story to life.

    The song is by a talented artis named Sora. You can hear the song, (and purchase the CD) from her website:

    My girls (6 and 8 years old) LOVE this story, as well as the author’s other book:
    The Enchanted Princesses.

    • Tee

      Tamara – I did hear the song. Sora has an amazing voice but the style of the music just wasn’t to my personal tastes. My boys enjoyed it though. They’ve been putting it on at bedtime instead of the classical music they usually listen to.

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