There Is An Urgency

Simultaneously difficult to read, and difficult not to read once you open it, There Is An Urgency, a memoir by Greghri Love, tells the painfully true story of a boy who not only grew up in an environment of heartbreaking abuse, but managed to come out the other side better for it.

The book is arranged in chapters alternating between childhood and adulthood, keeping the reader from completely losing heart, knowing that Greghri not only survives the horrors at the hands of his step-father, (who is also his mother’s pimp and a drug dealer), but Mr. Gregrhi Love grows up to be a teacher with a unique gift for touching the lives of other youth growing up in similarly difficult situations.

Deeply honest, disturbing, and ultimately inspiring, There Is An Urgency is a must read for anyone who came from an abusive home or who works with children who do.



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  2. Thank you for your support and the recommendation of the book. I really appreciate your time and concern to read my book.

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