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Book Art

I can’t even begin to understand how this was created. Very cool.



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The Groom To Have Been

The Groom to Have Been by Saher Alam

Back of the book:

Just as Nasr, a young man with a vibrant professional and social life in New York, begins to prepare for the arranged marriage he hopes will appease his Indian Muslim family and assure him a union as happy as his parents’, he starts to suspect that his true love has been within his reach his entire life. Nasr has known Jameela since they were children, and for nearly that long she has flouted the traditions her community holds dear. But now the rebellion that always made her seem dangerous suddenly makes him wonder if she might be his perfect match. Feeling increasingly trapped as his wedding date approaches, Nasr contemplates a drastic escape, but in the wake of 9/11, new fears and old prejudices threaten to stand between him and the promise of happiness. Current in its political themes and classic in its treatment of doomed love, The Groom to Have Been is a graceful and emotionally charged debut.

I loved this book. It was hard to put down and unpredictable to the last page. The characters were incredibly well-rounded, the imagery fantastic, and important observations on race, religion and tradition were woven into the fabric of the plot seamlessly. This would make an excellent book club selection for the discussion it would surely encourage.

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Official Book Club Selection

My last book of 2009 was really emotionally heavy and I needed the equivalent of literary tabloids to cleanse my mind. So, I was very excited when I came upon Kathy Griffin’s new book, “Official Book Club Selection” at the library. Exactly what I needed. I laughed out loud quite a few times, and was smiling through most of the rest of it. (I say “most of the rest of it” because she does cover some sadder stuff – the deaths of family members and friends, and her divorce, for example.)

Some of the highlights of the book include her childhood as an unpopular kid, her struggle to stardom, what some well-known celebrities really act like, and her own botched liposuction which almost killed her, (including photos). Which, now that I say all that out loud, it sounds like a real downer of a book, but Kathy Griffin can make anything funny.

If you like Kathy Griffin and/or celebrity gossip, you won’t be disappointed. (By the way, I love the title. She doesn’t beat around the bush. Hey, Oprah! Hurry up and get this girl on your show. What else does she have to do to get your attention?!)


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100 Books!

I did it, with not even an hour left to spare!

Whew. I wasn’t sure I’d make it as I spent the entire day finishing up the half dozen books I had started.

For 2010, I’m going to try to read 50 books as the 100 books was a little too ambitious and it caused me to reconsider thicker books I really wanted to read.

Happy New Year!

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There Is An Urgency

Simultaneously difficult to read, and difficult not to read once you open it, There Is An Urgency, a memoir by Greghri Love, tells the painfully true story of a boy who not only grew up in an environment of heartbreaking abuse, but managed to come out the other side better for it.

The book is arranged in chapters alternating between childhood and adulthood, keeping the reader from completely losing heart, knowing that Greghri not only survives the horrors at the hands of his step-father, (who is also his mother’s pimp and a drug dealer), but Mr. Gregrhi Love grows up to be a teacher with a unique gift for touching the lives of other youth growing up in similarly difficult situations.

Deeply honest, disturbing, and ultimately inspiring, There Is An Urgency is a must read for anyone who came from an abusive home or who works with children who do.


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