2009 Books

The 100 books I read in 2009 have been moved here.

1. Lafcadio the Lion by Shel Silverstein {x} *****

2. Houston we have a problema by Gwendolyn Zepeda {x} *****

3. Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck {x} *****

4. Know it All by Susan Aldridge, Elizabeth King Humphrey and Julie Whitaker {x} *****

5. The Border: Exploring the U.S. – Mexican Divide by David J. Danelo {x} ***

6. The Tree is Older Than You Are by Naomi Shihab Nye {x} ****

7. I Love Dirt: 52 Activities to help you and your kids discover the wonders of nature by Jennifer Ward {x} ***

8. Tao te Ching by Lao Tse {x} ***

9. The Recently Deflowered Girl by Hyacinthe Phyppe {x} *

10. Hungry Woman in Paris by Josefina Lopez {x} ***

11. The Makedown by Gitty Daneshvari {x} *****

12. Undress me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman {x} *****

13. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi {x} *****

14. Letters From The Earth by Mark Twain {x} *****

15. Dear Exile by Hilary Liftin and Kate Montgomery {x} *****

16. Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros {x} *****

17. Love Marriage by V.V. Ganeshananthan {x} **

18. Tomorrow They Will Kiss by Eduardo Santiago {x} *****

19. New Penguin Parallel Text: Short Stories in Spanish – Edited by John R. King {x} **

20. Unpublished Manuscript by A.S. {x} *****

21. The Killing Tree by Rachel Keener{x} *****

22. The Surrender Tree by Margarita Engle {x} ***

23. Orange County by Gustavo Arellano {x} ****

24. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald {x} ****

25. Handbook for boys (a novel) by Walter Dean Myers {x} *****

26. Shadow of the Red Moon by Walter Dean Myers {x} ***

27. Flight by Sherman Alexie {x} *****

28. Art Against the Odds by Susan Goldman Rubin {x} ***

29. La Sombra del Viento by Carlos Ruiz Zafon {x} *****

30. B as in Beauty by Alberto Ferreras {x} *****

31. The Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd {x} *****

32. Swift as Desire by Laura Esquivel{ x} ****

33. Under the Texas Sun by Conrado Espinoza {x} ****

34. Chewing Gum in Holy Water by Mario Valentini and Cheryl Hardacre {x} *****

35. The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz {x} ****

36. On Writing by Stephen King {x} *****

37. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein {x} *****

38. Teenagers Suck by Joanne Kimes and R.J. Colleary {x} **

39. The Islamist by Ed Husain {x} ***

40. Get Off Your “But” by Sean Stephenson{x} ****

41. When you Lie About your Age, The Terrorists Win by Carol Leifer {x} ***

42. The Shack by William P. Young {x} ***

43. Obama’s Blackberry by Kasper Hauser {x} *****

44. Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale {x} *****

45. Londonstani by Gautam Malkani {x} *****

46. Translation Nation by Hector Tobar {x} ****

47. The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle {x} *****

48. Life of Pi by Yann Martel {x} *****

49. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw by Jeff Kinney {x} *****

50. The Lie by Fredrica Wagman {x} ***

51. America Libre by Raul Ramos y Sanchez {x} *****

52. Amigoland by Oscar Casares {x} ****

53. Damas, Dramas, and Anna Ruiz by Belinda Acosta {x} *****

54. Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel {x} ***

55. Mexican High by Liza Monroy {x} ****

56. I Used to Know That: Stuff you forgot from school by Caroline Taggart {x} ****

57. The Divorce Party by Laura Dave {x} ***

58. My Grammar and I… Or Should That Be Me? by Caroline Taggart, J.A. Wines {x} ****

59. Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea {x} *****

60. Spanish Summer by Jana Hege {x} ***

61. The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis {x} *****

62. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee {x} ****

63. The Book of Everything by Guus Kuijer { x} ****

64. For Grace Received by Valeria Parrella { x} ****

65. Shelf Discovery by Lizzie Skurnick {x} **

66. The Writer’s Digest Guide to Manuscript Formats by Dian Dincin Buchman and Seli Groves {x} *

67. A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve {x} ***

68. The Jumping Tree by René Saldaña, Jr. {x} *****

69. The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos by Margaret Mascarenhas {x} ***

70. Lime Tree Can’t Bear Orange by Amanda Smyth {x} *****

71. What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell {x} ****

72. ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley {x} ***

73. Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary {x} *****

74. Zumba by Beto Perez {x} ***

75. Love That Dog by Sharon Creech {x} ***

76. The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine {x} *****

77. Dear Professor Einstein by Alice Calaprice {x} ***

78. Evenings at the Argentine Club by Julia Amante {x} ****

79. Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russell Rich{x} ***

80. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie {x} *****

81. Ramona and her Mother by Beverly Cleary {x} ****

82. Across the Endless River by Thad Carhart {x} ****

83. The Complete Titanic by Stephen J. Spignesi {x} ***

84. Children of Dust by Ali Eteraz {x} ****

85. Abel’s Island by William Steig{x} ****

86. Tell Me Something True by Leila Cobo{x} ****

87. Look at the Birdie by Kurt Vonnegut {x} ***

88. Silent Wing by Jose Raul Bernardo {x} ****

89. Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer {x} ****

90. Wayside Stories from Wayside School {x} ****

91. Hombres y machos: masculinity and Latino culture by Alfredo Mirandé{x} ****

92. The Latino male: a radical redefinition by David T. Abalos{x} ****

93. Passing for Thin by Frances Kuffel {x} ****

94. Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake by Barbara Park {x} ****

95. Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus by Barbara Park {x} *****

96. Reaching Out by Francisco Jiménez{x} *****

97. Stealing Buddha’s Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen{x} ****

98. The Boy Next Door by Irene Sabatini{x} **

99. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney{x} ***

100. There is an Urgency by Gregrhi Love{x} *****



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2 responses to “2009 Books

  1. Congratulations on a job well done. There will be a giveaway for the participants of this reading challenge at the end of the month. Come by and enter if you’d like.

  2. Tee

    @ J. Kaye – Thanks! :)

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