The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door by Irene Sabatini is the story of a girl named Lindiwe growing up in 1980’s Zimbabwe under the new Mugabe government.

A mysterious tragedy occurs in the house next door – her neighbor is burned alive. The victim’s stepson, a white man named Ian is the prime suspect but is soon released. Lindiwe and Ian forge an unlikely friendship but circumstances and the deterioration of conditions in Zimbabwe threaten to divide them.

The Boy Next Door is about politics, race, corruption and love.

I haven’t finished this book yet. I’m intrigued by the plot and the setting of Zimbabwe as it’s been popping up in the news this past year. Some of the lingo is puzzling and is left without explanation for the reader to figure out but overall it does not impede the reader from enjoying the story.



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5 responses to “The Boy Next Door

  1. Humincat

    It sounds very good, but I can’t do sad lately. It sits on me for days and months later, when all it ever was, was somebodies imagination in print. My “shake it off” skills seem to be on overload with work and school and with the kids and hubby (I forgot how exhausting a stubborn 2 year old is!) so when I actually can read a book of my chosing (cue heavens choir), I want it to be light, fun, romantic or cheesy, easy, non-lingering. Does that make since?

  2. Humincat

    sence. sorry. It’s early.

    • Tee

      Sense. LOL.

      Yes, it does. I get very emotionally involved in the books I read and they can very easily trigger a depression for me. Lately I’ve been reading too many books that have brought me down and with the cold weather (Seasonal Affective Disorder) coming, I plan to seek out some happier reads.

  3. Zoe

    Hi Tee, thanks for saying hello! I have been a hermit lately – being pregnant and all. I am starting to resurface again and decide that it is okay to join the land of the living. Unfortunately, I have not kept up much with blogging or keeping track of other people’s blogs. It is so great to see that you are still the same busy, thoughtful Tee. :)

    I was just reading your review for this book and it reminded me of a book called “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave. It was an extremely thought provoking and emotional story. I think that you might really enjoy it. It opened my eyes to a lot of the injustices in the world and, in turn, those things that we take for granted. It was good.

    I will have to check up on you more frequently. Take care!!

    • Tee

      Zoe – CONGRATS!! When are you due? :) I hope you’re enjoying your pregnancy and that the boys are doing fine.

      Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll check it out!

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