Indian Romance novel controversy

indiabk In India, a new genre of books are popping up that have many women rushing to stores and some politicians crying immorality.

The Romance novel is becoming popular among young Indian women, but in a country where kissing in films is censored, this industry will not flourish without a controversy.

Even so, Harlequin Enterprises and Random House have both set up shop.

The TimesOnline UK article notes that,

“Sociologists believe the explosion of risqué romantic fiction may herald an impending sexual revolution in India. “In the past even our fantasies were repressed,” said Shiv Vishwanathan, a sociology professor. “Now they are not and that makes a difference.”



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7 responses to “Indian Romance novel controversy

  1. Iva

    That kinda makes me feel good. I couldn’t really say why, but it does.

  2. Tee

    Iva – I tend to agree with you. Though I respect the need to preserve culture, I think women (and men!) have a right to read and daydream about whatever they like. The Indian authors who will write these romance novels are quite brave.

  3. Katie

    Oh puhhhhhhhleaaaaassseee bite me India! I mean, the Indian movies of Bollywood are so frigging racy that they were featured a few years earlier on nightline as being borderline softporn.

    There is a movie Dostanna that was so wrong i was embarassed watching it with my husband.

    Sure they don’t kiss, but they do everything else so this should certainly not be causing any sort of controversy.

    • Tee

      I wonder what the hangup is about kissing? Like you said, the Bollywood movies are very sexy and I’ve heard that in recent years, they actually are kissing on screen.

      Also, isn’t the Kamasutra from India?

  4. Ennui

    “Dostana” was NOT “wrong”…unless you’re a homophobe… It was a bit racy, but I think it was pretty hilarious!

    And yes, there are many horribly explicit films being produced today…but the scenes, though vulgar, do not have nudity and I think the term “soft porn” is a bit excessive!!

    Also after being invaded by the conservative Muslims and then the Victorian era Britishers–what do you expect? They took our gold and left inhibition!

  5. Katie

    Ennui, you’re entitled to your opinion, but the soft core porn reference was Nightline’s term not mine.

    As for Dostana, I have told gay friends about the movie and they find it very offensive as it hypes up every stereotype about them.

  6. sanah

    total bull crap
    i am an Indian my self and kissing is dere in almose every second movie ppl are open minded and if we cann read books like ps i love you and many oder havind lots of stuff in it love stories based in india are not at all bad

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