B as in Beauty GIVEAWAY!


Our five random winners are:


Congratulations! Each of you will be receiving a copy of “B as in Beauty” by Alberto Ferreras, courtesy of Hachette Book Group.

Thanks to all who entered. Stay tuned for more giveaways!


beauty Good news! Hachette Book Group is allowing me to host a giveaway. Five lucky winners will get a copy of B as in Beauty by Alberto Ferreras!


1. One entry per household. You may enter even if you have won a giveaway on Curious Villager before.

2. U.S. and Canada residents only. No P.O. Boxes will be accepted for prize shipment.

3. Just leave a comment about something that has helped boost your self esteem on this post and make sure to give an accurate E-mail address in the E-mail address field so that if you win, I will be able to contact you.

4. Contest closes at 11:59 pm EST on May 10th, 2009. Five winners will be announced on this blog post and contacted via E-mail on May 11th, 2009. Your shipping information will be given to Hachette Book Group so they can send your prize directly.

5. Good luck! :)



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11 responses to “B as in Beauty GIVEAWAY!

  1. Joy

    Losing 35 pounds has given me a new start. I can fit into regular size clothes again (yay!) I’m a size 12 now. It’s cool. Only thing I expected my breasts to get smaller but they haven’t so size 36 D feels ok too.

  2. Working with the public helped me to become a more confident person, which in turn helped my self-esteem. Also, wearing make-up and making an effort to look nice…. after years of not making a lot of effort… has raised my self-esteem quite a bit.

  3. Humincat

    Going back to school has helped me tremendously in the esteem category. I no longer feel like a dud, and even though parenting my children and being a wife was plenty, I always felt I had not finished what I had started. I now have an answer to “What are you going to be when you grow up?” and I’m working towards it a little bit at a time. Eso es, no?

  4. I would have said weight loss–but I gained it all back. I would have said school–but I finished that a while ago. I could have said make-up–but I stopped wearing it when I got this job.

    So I guess my biggest self-esteem booster is having a wonderful man in my life who finds me beautiful with bed head, acne, PMS, etc. Nothing boosts you more than being told your beautiful–esp when you feel that you look like crap.

    I know it’s a cop-out to place my self-esteem on another person–but after years of fighting self-esteem issues on my own, it’s nice to have someone help me with my battle. :)

  5. Shauna

    YAHOO!! Please count me in! I would love to win this! Thanks :) tryingtostaycalm@gmail.com

  6. Wanda

    Losing weight! I would love it if you entered my name in your draw. Thanks!

  7. My self-esteem was boosted by my mother. She was constantly praising us when we did the right things, the right way and would correct if we did not follow through. Even now, on my own, I stop to think how she would do it and then act accordingly.

  8. Linda

    Having a child helped with my self-esteem and confidence immensely. When you find yourself having to advocate for your child, it brings out a surprising level of force and confidence that I hadn’t previously experienced.

  9. Whenever I get compliments, it boosts my self-esteem. They make me feel good, and who doesn’t like getting them!?


  10. When I make an effort to take care of my patients and they thank me later – or I say hello to them and remember our last conversation! That is always a great feeling: knowing when I am putting a name with a face and vice versa, and they appreciate that I remember them. It is a great feeling!

    cecilia } cecpham(at)gmail.com

  11. Pls sign me up for this contest!

    Keeping active by doing pro bono, going to lectures, and participating in my condo board have all helped my self esteem. This sort of interacting with people keeps me from retreating and becoming shy.

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