B as in Beauty

beauty B as in Beauty by Alberto Ferreras is about a young woman named Beauty, (yes, that’s her name, but she goes by “B”), who, despite her name, has never felt very confident about her looks.

When I first picked up this book I worried that it was another Chick-Lit book about a fat girl who discovers she’s beautiful, and while it is that, it manages to be a lot more. The character, B is Cuban American so this is aimed at a Latina audience, but anyone can enjoy it. The story is told by B herself and it is hard to believe the book was written by a male. The voice is so authentic you’ll feel that you’re being told this whole tale by your new BFF from the office over lunch break at a hip coffee shop. The character is likable and relatable, and the book itself is engaging. (I read it in about 3 sittings.) The author also did a fantastic job of making the reader squirm during awkward moments. I could really feel how uncomfortable B was in her own skin and in certain situations. (I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I have been there myself.)

If you’re very conservative this book may not be for you. B does not mince words so there’s some colorful language, not to mention that besides B’s day job at an advertising agency, part of her transformation involves meeting Madame Natasha Sokolov who introduces her to a new side job in the evenings as an escort. (As the book mentions though, escorts are not paid for sex but for their time.) It’s kind of like Ugly Betty meets Pretty Woman. (Who would have ever expected that combo?)

What I liked best about this book is that when I finished I found that along with B, I too had picked up some self esteem from the lessons she had learned about loving herself. (Thank you Mr. Ferreras for being my Madame Natasha Sokolov.)



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6 responses to “B as in Beauty

  1. Hey Tee!
    Thank you for such a wonderful review! I’m thrilled that you liked it–it was a written with a looooot of love, and with a lot of dear and beautiful friends in mind. I’ve been lucky to have a few great “madames” in my life. Glad to be yours!
    Alberto Ferreras

  2. Tee

    Mr. Ferreras – I can tell that this book was written with love. The women in your life are really blessed.
    Best of luck on your writing career. I will stay tuned for more from you in the future :)

  3. Thanks for the recommendation & review Tee, if not for this I would pass this off as a beauty book or something :)

    I’ll check it out :D

  4. Humincat

    Sounds great, and how cool that Mr. Ferreras commented. I’ll have to look for this one.

  5. between you and mandy, i don’t have to wonder about which books I should be reading. this is on my ‘request list’.


    (btw, i’m reading ‘undress me in the temple of heaven’ (another of your recommendations that is really good so far), and ‘the leisure seeker’ (a really good quick read if your interested).

    disappointed that i can’t get ‘houston, we have a problema’ through my public library system, though–but i continue to try! :)

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