The Makedown (Giveaway!)


Using the winner was selected. Congratulations to…MANDY!

Thanks to all who entered and watch for more giveaways soon.

makedownLast month I reviewed a book called The Makedown by Gitty Daneshvari. I really loved this book and Hachette Book Group said I could have another copy to giveaway.

Here are the rules:

1. You must be able to provide a US or Canada shipping address if you win. (No PO Boxes.) Please, only entries from those who have not won a giveaway on Curious Villager in the past 6 months. One entry per household.

2. Leave a comment with a valid E-mail address (in the E-mail field is fine). In your comment, tell me either the best or worst relationship advice you were ever given. You could alternately share the funniest or most embarrassing moment in a past or present romantic relationship.

3. I will pick a handful of the best answers and then let randomly select the winner. Winner will be announced on this blog post and notified by E-mail on February 28th, 2009.



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12 responses to “The Makedown (Giveaway!)

  1. Best relationship advice was from a young lady that I worked with at my part-time college job as a cashier.
    My room mate that I had known plutonically for a few years came into the store to tell me something, and after he had left she said to me “Is that your boyfriend?”
    I said he wasn’t and she asked me a question that changed my life….
    “WHY NOT?! You should jump him.” (she was a rather forward girl).
    It had never occurred to me that he could be boyfriend, but that simple two word question opened up a whole new perspective.
    Hey ya, why couldn’t he be my boyfriend? I trust him, he has always been a gentleman, he is good to live with and a decent man in all aspects…. and well I never noticed it before, but he’s pretty good looking and single too!
    Two years later we were married and we are coming up to our happy 15th wedding anniversary this year! Sometimes it takes an off-hand comment by an outsider to really open up the eyes and help you see the possibilities…

  2. On my wedding day as I sat getting my hair done, my mom’s friend told me “just remember, your life is not yours anymore. You will not be the same person because he will have demands of you and it will leave you a shell of who you were. If you expect it, it will hurt less.”

    What a sad prognosis. Luckily, she was wrong.

  3. oh hmm, I dont know if I got the “hispanic heritage book giveaway” six months or more ago… if so, then just ignore my comment for entry purposes!

  4. Tee

    Aisha – I just checked for you – Looks like the Hispanic Heritage Giveaway was about 5 months ago. Well, you’ll be eligible for the next one – (and I won’t always do the 6 month rule.)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I’m glad your Mom’s friend was wrong, too :)

    Pol – That is such a fantastic story! :)

  5. amandasue

    The best advice I’ve been given is to always be honest and open in a relationship, and if something bothers you then its better to talk about it instead of keeping quiet since that usually leads to more problems.

  6. Lori Gilkerson

    the best relationship advice I ever recieved was never go to bed angry!! and it is so true! because of that, we have a saying on our bedroom wall that says “Always kiss me goodnight”! And we do…

  7. my mom always told me that when there was trouble in a relationship/marriage, to choose carefully what i told her–b/c although I might forgive and move on–she never would, and it would always cloud her vision of my boyfriend/husband.

    i guess that’s pretty solid advice. i’ve taken it to heart and don’t ever run to “mommy” when there
    s an argument/disagreement/fight about something in my own home.

  8. Before moving in with my boyfriend my dad told me to never go to bed angry.

    My great grandmother (a divorcee) always told my mom to never let me marry a man I didn’t live with first. There are too many secrets you don’t know about before that!

  9. The best advice I’ve heard was actually something I once read: An older woman was asked what was the success to her happy, long marriage. Early in her marriage she decided she would overlook the 10 most annoying things her husband did. When asked what the ten things were she replied that she’d never actually decided, just whenever her husband annoyed her she always told herself that was one of the ten things and she’d overlook it.

    That’s great advice for me because I get annoyed very easily!!

  10. Well, I have to transfer to Canada or to US right away! Haha! ;o)

  11. Thank-you so much Tee! I can’t wait to receive this book… I’ll be a mailbox junkie waiting for it to arrive.

    The last time I won something on your site was the cheap recipe for broccolichicken. I never did hear if your family liked it?! lol

    I still have that awesome calendar. I’ve taken it apart and laminated the pictures to use as displays in my classroom (which I still don’t have lol).

  12. I got the book today! It looks great. I think I may even sneak it into my reading list early!


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