Hungry Woman in Paris

hungryparis The back cover description of Hungry Woman in Paris by Josefina Lopez is deceptively mild. One can hardly expect the spicy story that awaits them. For some getting into this juicy novel will be a pleasant surprise, and for others, a nasty shock.

The back cover description is as follows:

“Canela, a journalist living in L.A., believes passion is an essential ingredient in life, but lately it seems to be in short supply. Increasingly disillusioned with life and haunted by her own past, Canela runs away to Paris and enrolls in cooking school to reawaken her senses and mend her broken heart.”

I thought this would be a fun chick-lit travel romance sort of book, and in some ways it was, but I had no reason to suspect that its love scenes would rival the raunchiest of X-rated erotica. So, a word of warning to those of us who still claim to possess feminine sensibilities that may be easily offended – this book is not for you. (For the rest of us, enjoy the jaw droppingly graphic sex scenes.)

Aside from the sex, I found the plot interesting and unpredictable, which kept me turning the pages. The main character was relatable and likable even when she made crazy choices that many of us wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves, but many passages came across as preachy. I’m not a big fan of our former President either, but the “W” bashing seemed excessive.

The author, Josefina Lopez, (the same who authored the screen play for the film, Real Women have Curves), impressively and successfully weaves a wide variety of issues into her story including, feminism, racism, mental illness, suicide, self-esteem, politics, censorship, culture, sexuality, sensuality, language, family, and the ever popular quest for self.

This book will be available March 2009.



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4 responses to “Hungry Woman in Paris

  1. Humincat

    Jaw dropping huh? :)!!!

  2. Tee

    Humincat – I mean that literally. Carlos saw me with my mouth hanging open more than once while I was reading this. Usually I read next to him on the sofa while he watches T.V. but when I told Carlos what was so shocking, he took a sudden interest in reading himself. LOL.

  3. Aisha

    Well I agree with you on the W bashing so, um… I guess I’ll find out about the other stuff. I won’t lie. I’m intrigued, lol.

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