Train Your Brain

brainbook Dr. Kawashima, the same Professor of neuroscience at Tohoku University in Japan who brought us the popular Brain Age video game, now brings us the book, Train Your Brain More.

Dr. Kawashima’s research has shown that “like the body, the brain needs exercise.”

When I first opened the workbook and flipped through it, I was disappointed to see page after page of math problems. (I hate math.) … Then I took a closer look. Here is a sample of the math problems:


You get the idea? This is simple math that even my 7 year old could do. The idea is to do a page of these a day as quickly as you can. Eventually you will find you are completing these pages faster and faster, and this quick thinking will stay with you, not only for simple math, but in all areas.

Don’t be afraid to try it, even if math isn’t your thing. It can actually be kind of fun.



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2 responses to “Train Your Brain

  1. I got one of those BrainAge games for Christmas! I AM getting quick at the simple math, and it taught me the right way to play Suduko, and I am getting faster at calculating time too. Not every day is a good math day though, and my progress chart looks like a roller coster… but the good days are GREAT. Very invigorating.

  2. wild4words

    very cool… I will have to check this out! I like simple math… there is something soothing about it – like drinking cool water or wearing a fuzzy robe.

    And yes, I’m odd. I admit it.

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