I Like You

I like you by Amy Sedaris is one of the weirdest books I have ever had the pleasure of owning. This book on hospitality gives advice on topics ranging from the expected, (etiquette, recipes, organizing a dinner party), to the bizarre and inexplicable, (such as, how to put on a pair of pantyhose, felt crafts requiring almost no skill, and information on caring for a pet rabbit.)

This book is not for the easily offended and should be kept out of the hands of little ones but adults will enjoy Sedaris’ dead pan, off color humor. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when she’s joking or not and at first I wasn’t quite sure if the recipes were edible, but they are, in fact, her cupcakes and cheese balls are apparently somewhat famous.

I was especially entertained by the abundant illustrations and photos. The photos are particularly hilarious because they seem to have gone through a 1970’s time warp. This is the kind of book I would expect Martha Stewart to write if she had a nervous breakdown and ended up in a mental facility, (which is my way of saying it’s really good.)



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3 responses to “I Like You

  1. scaryreasoner

    I came across a discussion of this book some time ago on metafilter.com, or somewhere like that, and subsequently went looking for it in Barnes and Noble, but couldn’t find it.

    Tha amazon customer reviews are interesting:

    I especially like the reviews by people who didn’t like it. They make me want to find this book even more.

  2. misspecs

    LOL@ your last sentence!

  3. Oh man, I remember seeing this one in the book store. I remember there being something about how to wash the vajayjay and I about died! ha

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