Measure of the Heart

A study done earlier this year revealed that one in six women and one in ten men are at risk for developing Alzheimer’s. That leaves a lot of people looking at years of potentially caring for a parent who suffers the frustration that comes with dementia. Many of us will deal with the painful journey of becoming a “parent to our parent”.

In Measure of the Heart: A Father’s Alzeimer’s, a Daughter’s Return by Mary Ellen Geist, we follow Mary who leaves her job as a CBS radio anchor and returns home to Michigan to help her mother care for her father. The book is honest, heartwarming, and her journey will resonate with the millions of Americans who are facing the same obstacles.

Geist not only shares her touching story, but gives practical advice on how to make it through. This is a must read for anyone facing the challenge of caring for an aging parent.


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