Every Freaking Day

Every Freaking Day with Rachell Ray by Elizabeth Hilts is a parody of America’s sweetheart and chef Rachel Ray’s magazine.

It’s a fun, casual read and great for a quick laugh. Some of the humor seemed a little mean spirited, but then again I’ve been accused of being overly sensitive. The book is filled with great photography and makes hilarious use of Rachel Ray’s (sometimes annoying) overly chipper vocabulary.

A notable mention goes to the “No-Bake Chocolate Cake” assembled out of yodels, Hostess cupcakes and ring dings… and this may gross you out but I had to talk myself out of actually trying the breakfast burger which uses donuts as the bun for a breakfast sandwich. (Sounds good to me!)



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5 responses to “Every Freaking Day

  1. darn, i was hoping that this was one of your ‘contest giveaways’. I had a similar magazine before that spoofed martha stewart, and i thought it was hilarious.

    btw–there are places that use krispy kremes as sandwich buns. thomas and i tried it at home with the foreman grill–and it actually is VERY good. :) i can imagine that a bacon/egg/cheese smooshed between two krispy kreme donuts would be delish!

    so anyways, if you decide to give this book away–know that i would LOVE to have it–especially since i intensely dislike rachel ray.

  2. Tee

    Ruth – Awh, poor Rachel Ray. She’s like the girl in school people can’t stand because they’re jealous and maybe a bit baffled as to how anyone can be that happy ;) LOL.

    Consider the book yours. I’ll send it your way when I get a chance.

  3. Tee–you don’t have to do that! (but I’ll totally enjoy it if you do.), I’ll email you my new address.

    anyways–it’s not that i don’t appreciate WHAT rachel ray does–but her use of ‘yummo’ and ‘sammies’, combined with the grating sound of a her quasi-smokers voice just grates on my nerves.

    I’m sure she’s very likeable–just not liked by me! :)

  4. I seriously need to read this because she gets on my last good nerve.

    I will admit that it appears someone has had a talk with her. She has toned it down from appearing to be on crack to appearing to be on too many double lattes.

    Three words: she bugs me.

  5. Oh Rachel, how I missed her….when I was in Alabama, I watched her program every day!!! I wish they have her programs here :(

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