Greater Than You Think

Greater Than You Think by Thomas D. Williams is subtitled, “A Theologian Answers the Atheists About God”.

While I’ve never considered myself an atheist, even during the years I struggled most with my religion, one thing that has always been certain is my uncertainty. Faith is not my strong point, and so I often find myself reading books of this nature; books one would typically use to encourage a non-believer.

After reading this book I did not have any kind of great epiphany but I found the arguments well thought out and convincing. In a society that would increasingly have us believe that faith in any religion is a sign of weakness and naivety, this book offers reassurance that one can be both a thinker and a believer.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tee and I was a free-thinker for many years until much later when I gained faith in Mercy of God :D

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