Dark Summit

Dark Summit by Nick Heil is the true story of one of the most controversial and deadliest climbing seasons on Mount Everest.

What caused the deaths? Were there too many inexperienced climbers given access? Were safety procedures not followed? Or could it be that climbers surpassed those in need of help, to instead continue their climb to the summit, putting their own goals and dreams above the life of another human being?

Without finger pointing, the author, Nick Heil, recounts the events of that 2006 season as they took place. You decide what lessons are to be learned.



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4 responses to “Dark Summit

  1. I saw the Discovery Channel couple of weeks on the challenges faced by all those who climbed the Everest and indeed, there were some hikers who chose to ignore the advice given by the Sherpa.

  2. Oh, I’ll check out this book too, thanks Tee :D

  3. Sounds like a wonderful read, Tee!

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