Go Green (book review)

The title of the book, Go Green – How to Build an Earth Friendly Community by Nancy H. Taylor, is self explanatory.

The first thing I noticed was that the book was printed on recycled paper, so at least the author walks her talk, but while Go Green offered many useful tips, there was also quite a bit of misinformation. (You can read more on that here.)

The most useful and interesting part of this book were the resources at the back. The author compiled an extensive list of websites, addresses, phone numbers, books, organizations, etc. that go on for several pages. The resources include everything from “green” architects to eco-friendly tampon alternatives. (I told you, it’s extensive!)

If you check out this book just do so with a discerning eye. While the author probably should have done a little more research on some issues (such as nuclear energy, which is not evil as most people believe it to be), it’s chock full of useful information.



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3 responses to “Go Green (book review)

  1. I just did a meme where I claim that I would be an earth-friendly community, self-sufficient in every way should I become a billionaire. I might have to pick up this book and give it a read. Congats on the new layout. I’ll update my link!

  2. Tee

    Scott – Hey, I need to come visit your blog. It’s been awhile. Thanks for stopping by and for fixing the link!

  3. thanks for the link to the cautionary stuff about the book. i’m glad to hear its useful. I had another one called the “GReen day book” and it was a complete waste of time.

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