In An Instant (Book Review)

In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing is a touching and inspirational story written by Bob Woodruff, the ABC News Anchor, and his wife Lee.

Like many American families, the Woodruff family seemed to have it all. Healthy children, great careers, and a happy marriage. The day Bob embedded with the military in Iraq, their lives changed forever.

An IED went off near the tank that he was traveling in, and he and his cameraman were badly injured. Bob suffered a traumatic brain injury that nearly killed him.

The book takes us through the stories of what life was like before the accident, as well as the heart wrenching events that followed, from both Bob and Lee’s unique points of view. There is not one emotion, from bliss, hope and happiness to fear, guilt, and heartache that is left unexamined in this memoir that will be sure to give you renewed perspective and appreciation for your loved ones, your health, your everyday blessings and your life in general.

A percentage of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Bob Woodruff Family Fund for Traumatic Brain Injury.



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2 responses to “In An Instant (Book Review)

  1. all i have to say is, “DANG you read ALOT!”

  2. Tee

    Ruthie – Hee hee hee…

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