How to Make Life Work

How to Make Life Work: The Guide to Getting It Together and Keeping It Together is a sassy yet sympathetic self help book by Michelle McKinney Hammond, whose impressive resume includes having written 26 books, as well as being a singer/songwriter, television co-host, relationship expert, empowerment coach, founder and President of HeartWing Ministries and public speaker.

The book is Christian faith based and frequently sites various verses from scripture to back up the advice given.

Some of the chapters include, “Assembly”, “Maintenance” and “Troubleshooting” owing to the fact that the book is uniquely structured like a user’s manual or instructions you might get with a new appliance. (Hopefully without the leftover screws!)

The tone is friendly and the author draws from her own experiences (good and bad), to illustrate the points she makes, which gives the feeling that she truly understands the reader and the obstacles they face. That can make all the difference in a self help book. If you prefer advice from a friend over the advice of a pretentious mentor, this book is a good choice for you.


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