A Man Worth Waiting For

A Man Worth Waiting For: How to Avoid a Bozo by Jackie Kendall is an excellent book on dating for women. The book is Christian based and starts out by describing the type of man a woman should look for. That type of man is represented by Boaz, from the Bible. Verses from the book of Ruth are used to demonstrate how Boaz is a great example of the type of man one would want to marry. (As opposed to the type of man one wouldn’t want to marry, which are also thoroughly described and called “Bozos”.)

In addition to what a woman should look for and avoid, the book also gives women sound advice about what they need to do to be the type of woman who deserves a Boaz. (Which I think is an important consideration often overlooked by many single women. It takes two!)

I passed this book onto my younger (single) sister. Hopefully in the next year or two, I’ll be able to tell everyone that this book helped her out!



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2 responses to “A Man Worth Waiting For

  1. hmmm. another book I should read. I think I am doing pretty good right now in looking for the right things in a guy. But I know I need to work on being the kind of woman a great guy deserves…

  2. Tee

    Soleil – From what I know of you, I already think you’re a great catch :)

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