Carpool Diem

Carpool Diem by Nancy Star is a fun, casual story about a corporate executive turned soccer Mom, that is perfect to carry in your purse to pass the time while waiting for an appointment or even save it for this summer to read while laying on the beach. (Just don’t forget sunscreen.)

Annie Fleming has always been a driven career woman who prides herself on her organizational skills, until the day she is forced out of her job. Suddenly she finds herself back at home where her husband is always traveling and her 12 year old daughter, Charlotte, prefers the company of her lifelong caregiver to her own mother.

When Annie attempts to reunify her family and reconnect with her daughter, she finds out that Charlotte lacks ambition and confidence on the soccer field and so she steps in to manage her daughter’s sports career only to learn some very important lessons along the way.

Most mothers, even those who haven’t attempted a climb up the corporate ladder, will enjoy and connect with this funny, heart warming story.



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3 responses to “Carpool Diem

  1. jen

    your book reviews are awesome. i want to read all these books your write about!

  2. Tee

    Jen – Thanks for the nice compliment! I love doing the book reviews :)

  3. Tee

    Jen – By the way – Please E-mail me your blog URL or leave it here! I can’t find it and I want to come see how the baby is doing :) She must be so big now!

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