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Random Tip: Closed Captioning

How many of you make use of the now standard closed captioning option on your television?

You may be saying, “I’m not deaf. Why would I use that?”

I’ll give you three good reasons.

#1. The kids are being loud and you can’t hear your show. Of course you can always jack the volume up into the 50’s but I find that no matter what, my kids are able to compete.

#2. Say you’re watching the news and the kids are in their beds in the next room. You know they’re not sleeping yet and you can hear pretty well through the walls. You can turn the volume on the TV way down and use closed captioning so their little ears won’t hear anything inappropriate or disturbing.

#3. Improve your child’s reading and language skills. My kids don’t mind the words on the bottom of the screen and I think this could advance reading and spelling skills. This is also useful if your child is learning a second language. (Or for anyone studying a foreign language really.)

When we watch television in Spanish, closed captioning helps the kids understand how things are spelled.

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