The Vaccine Book

I just read an advance copy of The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child by Robert W. Sears, M.D.

This is a seriously important book that I think all parents or soon-to-be parents should read. The book is organized by vaccine so if you don’t want to read it in one sitting, you can look up the vaccine by name, perhaps before your child’s check up.

The language used is easy to understand and the author leaves the ultimate decision up to you while giving his own opinion of why a parent would or would not want to have their child receive that particular vaccine.

My kids have pretty much had all their vaccines by now but after reading this book, there may have been some vaccines I would have skipped due to the possible complications and the controversial ingredients used.

(The book is available to purchase October 2007.)



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14 responses to “The Vaccine Book

  1. Iva

    Hubby and I are curently rethinking the vaccine we will let our 2nd child recieve. Our 1st may have a mild case of Autisim, and I have read a bit that MMR vaccines may lead to that. We still have a bit of research to do, it is a serious thing for us. Also our cat got cancer from his vaccines so we no longer have blind trust in our vets or DRs. So I do hope people take this seriously and make the most informed decision for their kids as well as thier pets. ALso, please give the next person the book, we are already getting your last give away :)

  2. Tee

    Iva – Are you sure you don’t want it? Sounds like you need to do some serious research.

    If you haven’t gotten your prize yet it’s because I sent it Media Mail. Takes a little longer. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Iva

    IF no one else leaves a comment I would love to have the book :)I just feel greedy :)

  4. Tee

    Iva – LOL. It’s not greedy. We’ll wait a few days to see if anyone else wants it. Otherwise I’ll let you know when I mail it.

  5. cl

    I am so glad you are doing research on this important topic. There is a rise in autism and no one can explain why so it is important to be educated on this issue.


  6. Tee

    CL – Autism is briefly mentioned in this book. The author explains that there is an on-going controversy regarding vaccinations and autism but does not give an opinion either way since there are many books specifically about that topic.

    When I had my first child I didn’t even know what Autism was, let alone that vaccines may be the cause. It’s a scary thought that so many of put our kids at risk simply out of ignorance.

    This isn’t to say I would go back in time and not get their vaccinations. Obviously both my boys have had them all with no adverse affects. Still, I regret that I didn’t seek out information before making such an important decision, and neither did the doctor encourage me to do so.

    Had there been a vaccine or two that I wanted to skip – it would have been nearly impossible. The schools my boys have attended are very strict about kids having their vaccines before being allowed in school. Locally I know of a school who had kids out of school for weeks until they were in compliance.

    In some states, to skip vaccines, even just one, could mean a long, hard battle.

  7. Iva

    I meant to tell you but I keep forgetting. I recieved the book in the mail a few days ago..thank you very much :)

  8. lanelle gradilla

    I have 3 sons. My oldest did have adverse reaction from the mmr vaccine.And was diagnosed with P.D.D. And then diagnosed with autism.That was over 2 years ago,and things are looking up now.But i did want to let you know that it is only as difficult as demanding to sign apiece of paper.As far as school is concerned.My boy did not recieve any shots after that,and I have definatly put my foot down and my younger two WILL NOT RECIVE EITHER!SEE THINKTWICE.COM

  9. Amanda

    Is that book still available to the next comment? I am a new mom. My son is 6mos old and I have really struggled with the whole “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate” issue. I have so far because I don’t know what other choice I have. I just pray everytime he gets his shots that they only do what they are supposed to do and nothing else. (i know that sounds silly)
    Any help or advice is strongly welcome. Thanks.

  10. Tee

    Amanda – I’m sorry this book was already given away in September. You can purchase it here:
    I think this book would really help you make those tough decisions. Good luck!

  11. DeeAnne

    Hi, after hours and hours of research online I decided to not vaccinate my daughter. My husband refused to read any of the two inches of information that I printed for him. It is very difficult to find unbiased opinions…anywhere! I decided against it because my research didn’t prove that current vaccines are actually neccessary. I think that the drug companies are pushing them for money. Many of these diseases were a result of malnuritionment, uncleansliness…etc. If we feed our children healthy…and raise them right…most vaccines are not necessary. The flu vaccine only covers certain strains of the flu it doesn’t “prevent” it…chicken pox…is a common childhood disease…I had them…it’s like the common cold…there is nothing you can give your young child anymore for the common cold the Drs. say to just give love, humidity, and lots of water…I don’t see a reason to vaccinate against chickenpox and add all of the extra “crap” into the childs developing body. HepB….it’s sexually transmitted or drug related…I could go on….but I won’t. When my daughter is beyond this very important developement stage…birth-two/three years I will revisit this but for now I am going to protect her from the politics of vaccines!

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  13. Amber

    I have read the Vaccine Book and found it interesting and informative. Remember, that vaccinating is not an “all or nothing” deal. You can also ask your pediatrican about the “alternative vaccination schedule.” This gives you the option of spreading out the vaccinations over a longer period of time, as well as declining some of vaccinations that are extremely rare in infants (HepB). Also, when researching online, remember that not all sites are reliable and factual. This is fast becoming a controversial subject, but consider all the facts and do what’s best for you child’s health.

  14. Karen

    As a health care worker, I just wanted to let you know that Hep B is not an STD. It is a blood borne disease that can cause cirrhosis of the liver among other complications. I am not saying this because I think you should vaccinate your child, that is completely up to you, but it isn’t just IV drug users that contract the disease. There is a slight risk of contraction whenever a person receives blood products (whole blood, plasma, platelets etc) or if she works in the health care field when she gets older. Most of us in the industry have to have it because there were some that contractecd the disease from patients years back and it can be deadly.

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