Library on the border – no passport needed

Haskell Library in Derby Line, Vermont sits on the US and Canadian border. The entrance is on the US side but to browse the books you would have to enter Canada. The only indication one would have that they had left their country is a fading black line across the floor.

The library’s patrons are both Canadian and American. The building is 106 years old and has enjoyed an informal immunity to border restrictions. Due to new concerns over immigration and national security, some are questioning if this should be changed.

Derby Line, and the town of Stanstead, Quebec on the other side, have a few unguarded streets which lead across the border. There are signs stating that you should stop at an immigration office down the road but the office is easily avoided and Derby Line has become an increasingly popular illegal point of entry.



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10 responses to “Library on the border – no passport needed

  1. Chunks

    Dang it. Our Canadian plan to take over the US has been FOILED! We’ve been sneaking in through the library for all these years unnoticed!!

    Actually, y’all would be easy to invade right now, if we had an army. We have a Beaver with one tooth and a sling shot, that’s about it.

    Check this out…it’s a Canadian program that explains a lot of what the rest of the world sees. Scary.

  2. Zoe

    Humm, yes. Things that make you go humm.

    Aside from the political dilema, it is a cute library.

  3. Patricia

    rox is right. we may as well blame the dewey decimal system for the war and the immigration issue. it’s about as much good as ever getting a good/honest answer from bush. he’s a freaking idiot. i respect the office but i have zero respect for that man!

  4. Devo

    I think the culture of fear is so heavily endoctrinated in American culture and it makes me a bit sad. Fear is the cause of all the things that go wrong in the world and relationships. Fear is what convinced an entire country to go to war even though they knew it was wrong. The heavy attachment to the right to bear arms is indicative of this. I realize not all Americans are fearful or Republican or whatever the case may be, but it is such a strong theme in the American news and the political agenda and I think it is very unfortunate, both for America and for the rest of the world.

  5. Shionge

    Oops….domestic affairs got neglected again :(

  6. Tee

    chunks – LOL! Well, you may be able to defeat us with a beaver and a slingshot considering all our troops are in the middle east.

    Thanks for the link. I went over there and it looks very interesting. It’s good to see other perspectives. We like to think that here in the US with freedom of press/speech that we get many sides but that isn’t always the case.

    Zoe – Completely agree. I believe it also has an Opera House. The stage is in one country (can’t remember which) and the seats are in both countries.

    Patricia – That’s what makes me sad – the lack of honesty. I (ignorantly) voted for Bush. I was easily brain washed and I regret it. (Not that a vote for anyone else would have mattered since he didn’t win and is still President anyway.) … I think this is a big problem for Christians especially. It’s hard to accept that just because someone claims to be a Christian doesn’t mean they are acting as one. I don’t rely on the media or even my church to tell me what is right anymore. God has put a moral compass in each of us and we all need to pay attention to it.

    Devo – Absolutly. Well said.

    Shionge – I’m sure the US government has been very aware of holes in the border not only on the Canada side, but the Mexico side. The reason why it hasn’t been taken care, now 5 years after 9/11 just goes to show that the government is not concerned with “terrorists”. The “war on terror” is a smoke screen, like a magician would use, to cover what they are really doing.

  7. Pol*

    lovely library, one to be proud of in any country. Your rant is very concerning, I agree with you on all points.

  8. Huda

    I am watching the Daily Show right now, and they just played a clip of W. criticizing Democrats for “fearmongering”. The look on Jon Stewart’s face is priceless.

    And while the war in Iraq wasn’t about terror or 9/11 (how could it have been when none of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi) or securing the homeland, I think option #1 is probably on target.

    It’s a beautiful library.

  9. dakotablueeyes

    That’s so cool. I think Indiana has a restaurant on the indiana illinois state line that has a black line through it and used to be on two different time zones lol Not as neat as the library though

  10. Tee

    pol – The library is very lovely, I agree.

    huda – Couldn’t resist looking up the Daily Show clip you referred to. It was on the Comedian Central site. Very funny!

    dakota – I’ve never heard of that restaurant. That is really cool. I love stuff like that.

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