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Love, Magic and Mudpies

“We are required to obtain a license to fish, hunt, or drive, to practice medicine or law, or to open a business. However, we are not required to be licensed prior to becoming a parent. I believe this book can help you qualify for that license.” ~Bernie S. Siegel, MD

This is an excerpt from the book, Love, Magic, & Mudpies – Raising Your Kids to Feel Loved, Be Kind, and Make a Difference and after reading it I absolutely agree with the author. Each 2 page chapter (which allows you to move through this book easily on bathroom breaks before small fists start pounding down the door), teaches you a lesson about parenthood. The chapters are typically a quote, some advice, a touching or funny story, interesting information, and practical ways to be a better parent. It’s the perfect mix and broken up into perfect portions!

This book reminded me above all that children are a gift to be cherished. Being a parent is a joy and we should take every opportunity for providing gentle guidance with great honor and yet we shouldn’t forget the laughter.



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