American Bee

American Bee: The National Spelling Bee and The Culture of Word Nerds by James Maguire has a somewhat self explanatory title.

American Bee gives a unique look into the lives of the boys and girls who make it to the National Bee. Their cultures, races, relgions and backgrounds vary widely but their love for language and spelling bonds them to one another.

Maguire incorporates the vocabulary he inevitably acquired documenting the event in this book which makes reading it gratifying for fellow logophiles. (Word lovers!)

In other news for word nerds, each year new words are added to the dictionary. This year, 2005, was no exception. Please officially welcome to the English language the following words/phrases:

geek chic
water birth

Unsure of some of those yourself? Look them up at, where they also have a list of the words which were looked up most often in 2005.
After you spend some time studying, see if you could hack it at the Spelling Bee by taking the National Spelling Bee Quiz at



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11 responses to “American Bee

  1. teachantoun

    I got the same score…I guess we are both nerds! I wish there were more quizzes! Thanks for sharing! I think I will quiz my students!

  2. Jana

    Ooo, I’m going to have to try some of those others! I got 10/10 on the spelling quiz. Fun!

  3. Aisha

    I love you for your links, lol :)

  4. Huda

    The English geek in me is so excited about these quizzes, especially the famous opening lines!

  5. Scott

    The only one I know is TiVo, which is a way of life for me. I wouldn’t stand a chance in a spelling bee. Word is always correcting minor misspellings for me.

  6. Liza


  7. Patricia

    i got 8 right, as well. i must admit that i kinda like being a word nerd, hehe.

  8. Bossy?'s YOU

    i mis spell words so bad that the spell check on blogger cant figure out what i am trying to type..

  9. Kathryn

    i scored 9/10. . love spelling!

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