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The Cube

The Cube is a game that has been passed around for a long time and said to have Sufi origins. It is a game with interesting and rewarding results. There is one thing to be aware of – it can only be played once. After you have played and learned the results, it is impossible to play again.

I bought a book that contained this game when I worked at a bookstore and shared it with everyone I knew. My little sister just reminded me of it yesterday.

Relax and use your imagination and as much detail as you can when answering the questions below. I recommend writing your answers down or typing into something like Notepad. You’ll be happy you did when it comes time to “interpret”.

1. Start by picturing a desert in your mind’s eye. A simple scene with a horizon line separating sand from sky. And somewhere in the desert landscape, there is a cube. See it in your mind’s eye; describe it to yourself. What is its size? Where is it located? What kind of materials is it made up of?

2. Now somewhere in this landscape, besides the cube that you have imagined, there is also a ladder. Just as you did with the cube, see the ladder in your mind’s eye and describe it to yourself. Imagine all the details?

What is its size (especially in comparison to the cube)? Where is it located (specifically in relationship with the position of the cube)? What is it made of, etc.? Don’t be afraid to see every little detail of each visualized object. The more you imagine, the more rewarding the game will be.

3. Now also in this desert landscape, along with the cube and the ladder, is a horse. Just as you did with the cube and ladder, it’s time to picture the horse and describe it. Is it a specific breed? How big is it? What is its coloring and markings (if any)? Anything special about this horse?
Also be sure to imagine how it relates to the cube and the ladder. And since this is a living object, what action might it be doing right now?

4. You’ve pictured three things so far, just a couple more to go. This time, imagine in your mind’s eye, that in this landscape there is also a storm. What kind of storm do you see? Where is it in relation to the other three objects in this scene? How is it affecting them (or not)? Again, the more you allow yourself to see, the better this game will be.

5. Lastly, in your desert, there are flowers. How many of them are there? What type and what color? And how do they relate to the other four objects you’ve imagined?

6. You’ve successfully created an unique image in your mind’s eye that only you could come up with. Every element is individual to you; this is a purely subjective exercise. There are no right or wrong answers. After all, this is your imagination, and only you are capable of describing what occurs inside.

Look one more time at the scene you’ve created. Make sure that you’ve left nothing out; that everything is described in as much detail as you are capable of.

Now – you don’t have to share your results, since they’re rather personal. To reveal the secret of the Cube game, go to the comments section of this post. I have posted how to interpret what you’ve seen as the first comment.




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